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Is Stress Affecting Your Oral Health?

Is Stress Affecting Your Oral Health? Grande Prairie orthodontist Dr. Chana

November 6th is National Stress Awareness Day and we want to shine a light on the effects that stress can have on your oral health. 

There are 4 main ways that stress can affect your mouth:

1.) Canker Sores

The cause of canker sores isn’t known, however, stress tends to raise your chances of getting them. Never had a canker sore? They are small, irritating spots in the mouth typically red or grey in colour. If you feel discomfort and see something like this, you may have a canker sore. if you aren’t sure, contact us!

2.) Cold Sore

Dry lips or sunburn can cause cold sores, stress can also trigger them. These typically form on the lips, from the inner lip to the nose and chin.

3.) Teeth Grinding

Many of us are aware that teeth grinding is associated with stress. In some cases, teeth grinding is not stress-related, however, it tends to be more prominent when stress is present. Many people are unaware that orthodontic treatment can actually help with teeth-grinding and TMJ problems.

4.) Poor Orthodontic Hygiene

Life gets stressful and we tend to skip out on brushing, flossing and rinsing sometimes. This can cause cavities or gum disease!

We encourage everyone to take care of themselves and prevent stress, for the sake of your oral health!

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