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How to Get a Better Smile for Your Kids This Holiday Season!

How to Get a Better Smile for Your Kids This Holiday Season!, Grande Prairie orthodontist Dr. Chana

Having a healthy smile is an important part of maintaining your self-esteem. When you or your child look at your smiles in the mirror, you might notice instances of crowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. There might also be evidence of an underbite or an overbite. These problems may not cause pain, but they can lead to other health concerns later in life. You want to be sure that your teeth and your child’s teeth are evaluated each year for potential issues.

Treatment for All Ages

At Ortho 101, here are some typical problems that we gladly address with treatment for our valued patients of all ages:

  • Patients cannot easily clean between their teeth. Imagine the plaque is building up in the spaces between your teeth. If this problem is not addressed, especially because there is overcrowding, you could develop cavities or various types of gum disease.
  • Your gums could sustain injury. One tooth may not fit properly where it meets the tooth on the opposite jaw. This can cause the tooth to dig into the opposing gum and wreak havoc on the gum tissue there.
    There can be continuous wear and tear to uneven teeth. Each time you bite into something and those uneven teeth rub against each other, they can get worn down. You don’t want to lose more tooth enamel and allow your teeth to decay at an early age.
  • You are concerned with the visual appearance and aesthetics of your smile. If you don’t like to smile for the camera, it could be that our crowded or uneven smile is impacting your self-image. You could address cosmetic and health concerns with the orthodontist and understand your different treatment options.

Don’t postpone orthodontic treatment for yourself and your kids. Our experts at Ortho 101 wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. We hope you will contact us in Grande Prairie for more information about correcting your smile.

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